5 with … Chase Kojima (SOKYO/KIYOMI Executive Chef)



Tell us about you? 

My name is Chase Kojima. Award winning Executive chef for Chefs Hatted restaurants –  Sokyo at The Star in Sydney and Kiyomi restaurant, Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast. I live in Australia =) putting myself between two restaurants. My profession is to build chef soldiers, creating strong Japanese hospitality brands and restaurants, and I love it.



Sokyo’s sashimi platter



How was your love of food born?

When my mom passed away I was just 11 years old, and for unlucky reasons we didn’t have insurance so we lost our home.  We basically lost everything – except my Dad’s restaurant. It was at this time I started helping my father as a kitchen hand and never look back.

When I turned 20  I moved to Las Vegas, that’s when my father decided to sell the business and move to Mt. Shasta

My hobby is food, crazy about good food and love studying the execution and business side too. I also like sports, watching American football NFL, playing tennis and golf.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you…

I am so bad with criticism. It can make me not sleep for days and weeks. I’m always scared to let people down if I don’t execute at the highest level. When I am communicating or public speaking and if I notice people looking bored or fizzing out, I lose focus and can’t stop thinking about the fact that I’m not doing a good job. I can start thinking very negatively. This is why I always need to be busy but am also ‘trying’ to always do my best.




unnamed (3)

Competing with other Head Chefs at Sydney Fish Market for the best Tuna


Tell us about your favourite holiday…

My favourite holiday is always in Japan. This year in 2015, I was in Japan, Tokyo for 3 weeks. Staying at my in-laws home,  and with their help to watch my two young kids Leo and Ken, myself and my wife had a date pretty much every day, myself focusing all round food and restaurants, and wifey was shopping and relaxing. Eating is my job so I was #spychase mode all time and learned so much. And best part was I was able to go to the best Japanese restaurants in Tokyo and our company was able to look after most of it as “educational trip” I learned so much and I can then put it towards creations for new and innovated dishes for both restaurants.


unnamed (2)

Dengakuman: Caramelised glacier 51 toothfish with miso, Japanese salsa & cucumber salad


What’s next for Chase?

A lot actually. Most I can’t share yet but hopefully people will know about it in 2016.

Now I’m working on a Japanese noodle soup concern which hopefully I can look back at this website and say to myself “oh yea”. We’re going to be doing the noodle shop as a pop-up with big bosses help for a couple of months and I’m hoping I can do the same style of pop-ups throughout each hotel and casinos. A food truck would be cool too.  Watch this space!



unnamed (1)

Follow Chase and his fun adventures on:

Instagram @chasekojima





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