Things i Love – “Chargrill Charlies”



I am sure you are going to think I am a little strange (if you don’t already), because I am going to tell you about a Chicken Shop.  I never ever thought to stop there my first few months in Sydney (and I walk past one several times per week).. it looked like just another Chicken shop to me.

A couple of mums were telling me I should check it out, but I was not convinced.  Boy am I glad that I did pop in one day.  Now I have to stop myself from going in more than once per week… and when I have people in-town visiting us, I usually tell them to go in and have a look (if we are walking past).

I realise that sounds pretty weird, and I must admit that each time I say ‘just pop in a have a look, I’ll wait outside’ I think, ‘they must think I am nuts’ – BUT every single one comes out with a big grin on their faces and say ‘wow thats amazing’.

Yes at Chargrill Charlies you can by a ‘hot chook’ – but the loooong deli style counter is jam-packed with all things chicken. Chicken pies, chicken schnitzel, an array of the most delicious chicken salads, chicken curry’s… the list goes on… and the food IS GOOD TOO.
On arrival you need to take a number – because it is always busy. There is limited seating to dine in at our local joint, but most people take-away.  Really great for those nights when you run out of time to cook.





I love Chargrill Charlies – and if you like fresh, tasty food – I think you will too.


Image Credit:  (check out the review on Chargrill Charlie here as well, another very happy customer)
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