Style it – New Season Neutrals


New Season Neutrals, Camel, Caramel, Tan & Cream – by Personal Sylist, Nat Baker


These beautiful rich colours are a trend in themselves this season.


The neutrals can be worn in so many ways and can be integrated into many trends and also worked into existing wardrobes. (Just like other favourite staple colours eg. Black and Navy).


unnamed (3)


The catch is…. some of these colours don’t look great on everyone.
People with WARM skin tones/hair & eye colours (usually Autumns or Springs) and some people darker hair/eye colours can easily wear these colours near their faces. However, people with COOL fair/pale colourings (Summers or Winters) could integrate these colours into bottoms, shoes or accessories.


You can check your colouring by turning over your wrist and looking at the veins for a general guide of your colours.


If your veins appear to be blueish or purple then you are more COOL Toned.


If your veins appear to be greenish or brownish then you are more WARM Toned.


unnamed (1)


For instance, I am considered a “Summer” colouring and I look really bad when Tan is up against my face. (I actually look like the walking dead because it brings out dark circles & any blemishes). So I wear Tan on my bottom half or I choose Tan accessories such as Shoes/Bags if I really want to add this colour. Shades of cream/taupe look better near my face so this is what I choose instead.


I am not a stylist who is ruled by colour. I believe that if you really love a colour – then wear it with confidence or try teaming it with another colour that suits you.


Reasons why you need these colours


unnamed (2)


Perfect colour that works with most other colours in your wardrobe. It is fantastic with Denim, White, Black & Prints/Pattern. Also looks great on tanned legs in summer.


unnamed (6)

It’s a soft, versatile, “must have” tone. It is crisp, fresh & effortlessly stylish when worn the right way. Try an “all cream” outfit or dress with tan accessories. Or combine cream with your favourite denim for a relaxed look.


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