Body by Bex – Lets get moving again



I’ve decided this week rather than talking about what’s been going on in my world or handing out advice and opinions, to just give you all a few at home work-outs  to get your motivational mojo back…..

I love my handy little sessions  to include legs & bum, arms & abs.

So give these a go.  No fancy equipment required…


Body weight 30 – 20 – 10

30 x lunges
30 x squats
30 x push ups
30 x dips
30 x sit ups
30 x Russian twists

10 short shuttle runs…

Once completed, start from the top and repeat each exercise 20 times… then 10.


side plank




30 bicycle crunches
30 sit ups
30 ankle taps

5 x sets

Finish up with a 3 min plank set, 1 minute standard, then 1 minute each side!



Super set legs

50 squats
40 lunges
30 skaters
20  jump squats
10 sumo squats

3 x set

Finish up with a 1 minute, or 2 minute or 3 minute wall squat.


Remember please to warm up before exercising and stretch after! A good quick warm up is skipping, 100 down to 10 decreasing by 10 with 2 push ups in between.


FITNESS FACT: Regular exercise is as powerful as an anti depressant!!

FOOD FACT: Google the benefits of Gin! You might be surprised…



“EAT clean

DRINK water

STAY active

BE healthy”


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