SUGAR MONK: Simple Party Backdrops


By Renée Pinto –  Creative Director at SUGAR MONK



When styling Dessert Buffets, I really like the idea of making something that the birthday boy or girl can take home.


Something to remember their special day. I always try to do this in some form at every event I do.


Recently we styled a First Holy Communion for a young boy named Brooklyn, whose parents had just purchased a new home.


I decided a personalised artwork as the Dessert Buffet backdrop was the way to go. This meant Brooklyn would have an amazing artwork for his new room. Win Win.


This is so easy to do for your next party. Trust me anyone can create this.


I got the lovely Natalie from Foamtastic to make the Brooklyn name for me.
A cheaper option if foam letters are not in your budget, are letters from TYPO or SPOTLIGHT.


I got this long canvas from RIOT Art Supplies for $30 and also collected some coloured and patterned tapes from different craft suppliers.


Firstly paint the foam letters unless you want to go with white, then leave them as they are.


Brooklyn loves shades of greens, so I went with that for the letters and then used different shades of green and grey for the canvas.


Get out your ruler and randomly start drawing lines or triangles onto the blank canvas whilst your foam letters dry. I decided to do random sized triangles for this one.


Then paint your triangles in alternating colours. You don’t have to be able to paint a perfectly straight line, as the tape will cover this and hide your not so straight painting.


Once the paint is dry, cut your different craft tapes and glue them onto the canvas, just following your lines as guides.  (As seen in the above picture, the yellow, pink and black & white stripes are the tape).


You literally glue the tape from one side of the canvas in a diagonal direction to the other side. You will have to use glue as you will find the tape is not sticky enough to hold to the paint and canvas.


backdrop finish


Glue the foam letters on with a water based glue and hey presto an instant personalised backdrop for Brooklyn’s 1st Holy Communion.


He loved it and so did his parents.


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