Do you find it hard to put a spring in your step in the colder months?



by Kristina Ambler of Lighterliving Wellness


Try not to beat yourself up over it. Winter ‘back in the day’ was the time we all ate a little more and tucked ourselves up in our caves to hibernate till the warmer months.

If only it was that easy now. Problem is our baby cubs do not hibernate and our jobs and lives definitely do not slow down or go away for this to happen.


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A good tip is to remember THE HOTTER YOU ARE THE MORE METABOLIC YOU WILL BE, and in the meantime feeling a little fuller around winter is a totally normal response.

To assist you to still feel empowered with your winter woolly feeling going on, remember the moment you open your eyes in the morning your body temp automatically rises, so breakfast is a great time to fuel your body.

Another one to help go with the flow is to remember the sun is highest in the sky around noon so it makes sense to sit and indulge in another nutritious meal then, and finally MOVING heats up the body too.


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The good news is I will be hibernating in the Sana Wellness Centre. If you are looking for a retreat from the cold come and play as we have a lots of things to warm you up from the inside out this August.

Love Kricket

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