Meet the team…


Almost a year ago Organised Chaos started with 3 contributors – and look at us now!

… and what a variety.  From Fitness to Wellness, Fashion, Makeup, Hair, Book Reviews, Interviews to Event Planning and Styling – and not forgetting our food section.  We have food aimed at the ‘Organically Minded’, the Mums with Teens and the Mums with under 10’s to feed, plus a little ‘Food for Thought’

There is something here for everyone.    Don’t forget all of our contributors can be followed on Instagram or Facebook for more regular updates, and in some cases are available for advice/hire.


photo 5



Group Fitness and Personal Training – Body by Bex

Who is Body by Bex?


unnamed (2)


Book reviews – Little Miss Scout

Who is Little Miss Scout?


unnamed (1)


Health and Wellbeing – Lighterliving Wellness

Who is Kristina Ambler?


style it Nat profile pic


Style it – Style for Mums, & Kids Style File – Personal Stylist

Who is Natalie Baker?


unnamed (1)


Hair Tips & Trends – Habitat Hairdressing

Who is Habitat Hairdressing?


unnamed (5)


Food for thought – Quincy Lane

Who is Karen Ciano?




Make Up + Hair Artist

Who is Karen Dyer?




Organise it – My Organised Home

Who is Sharne Kuper?


unnamed (2)


Tales from the Ballet – Flo Dancewear

Who is Felicia Leoncelli?


unnamed (1)


Recipes – Be Good Organics

Who is Buffy-Ellen Gill?





Recipes – Kidgredients

(aimed at the under 10’s)

Who is Kidgredients?



Leoni 1



Recipes – The Adventures of The Foodie Therapist with Four Teens

(Teen aged family meals)

Who is Leoni?


unnamed (7)


Pilates instructor

Who is Emma Boggi


team image 1

Tanya and Renee

Event Styling and Planning – Sugar Monk

Who is Sugar Monk?




Founder – Organised Chaos

My Day / His Day     My Chaos    Test Kitchen    Cook ONCE Eat TWICE    Parenting Mini Series

Who is Myaka Hawkins?

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