5 with … Kim Osborn (Laddie + Lassie)


Tell us about you? 

I’m Kim Osborn – Founder and owner of small kids clothing business ‘Laddie + Lassie’.

Wife to hubby Jay and mum to two amazing mini men (aged 5Y and 2Y). Our nest is situated on the Central Coast of NSW – Australia.


feature photo


How was Laddie and Lassie born?

Laddie + Lassie began around October 2014, when I decided that going back to work full time wasn’t going to happen with my two littlies. I’m a primary school teacher, and while happy to be currently casual teaching, I didn’t want to commit to any consistent set days away from home and my children. However, I did want to keep busy with a hobby and so Laddie + Lassie came into our lives. I love kids clothing and dressing up my boys. I don’t have a daughter, so I thought purchasing and hunting down girls clothing, to then sell, would be fun. This is why Laddie + Lassie originated in being a sourced clothing label for young boys and girls.


unnamed (1)

Modelled by Kims sons William


Tell us something people don’t know about you…

Something people may not know about me is that I’m quite OCD. Outwardly I give off a bit of a ‘free spirit’ vibe. I can be quite spontaneous and I go with the flow so to speak – loving to surf, skate, bushwalk, camp etc. I just love the outdoors and getting dirty. BUT… in my house I must have order. It might be the primary school teacher in me, but it came about after having my first son. Although it isn’t always, I need to have the house clean and tidy. I’ll internally crack it if I see a book in the toy box and not on the shelf where it belongs. My kitchen needs to be spotless before I go to bed and I’ll clean the house top to bottom before and after the weekend… and maybe again through the week. It’s weird, but take me camping and I’d happily go to bed in my tent with sand still between my toes!


unnamed (4)

Modelled by Michelle Neshins daughter, Sophia


What is your inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from the outdoors. Being in certain places inspires my creative thinking. The beach, the bush, countryside, the skate park, even my own backyard. Watching my boys interact with each other whilst playing in these places always throws little ideas into my head for a new poster or quote for my next tee design.



Modelled by Kims son Elliot


What’s next for Laddie + Lassie?

What’s next for Laddie + Lassie is exciting. With a degree in Graphic Design also, God has blessed me with the ability to be creative. And I love it! Laddie + Lassie is steering away from being solely sourced products, to creating personally designed threads. I also design and draw my own posters.


Feature photo: Fur Vest – Piper, daughter of Steph Rattos


Come and meet us every last Saturday of the month at Shelly Beach Markets


Facebook Laddie and Lassie

Instagram @laddieandlassie




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