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This weekend I had to ‘put my money where my mouth is’ and took myself out of my comfort zone! I love a challenge and don’t normally shy away from something new, but for some reason this training session really got my feeling weirdly nervous and slightly uncomfortable!

Saturday 6.50am and I’m sat in my car waiting for my training buddy, and convincing myself that what was to come next would not be as painful as child birth…. twice….with no pain relief….. I could do this!


ankkor training 1


I attended at ANKORR training session with a local trainer Andrew Papadopoulos ‘Pap’ owner and operator of Battle Fit Australia.

The session was for an hour and a half and it consisted of a The ZUU warm up ( a training style based on high intensity primal movement patterns mixed with strength & endurance body weight exercise) , bootcamp style partnered shuttle hill runs with weighted sand bags, finishing off with an ANKORR session, not to mention plenty of penalty burpees. I had used harnesses before but not in such a ‘high tech’ style. We were harnessed up and used each other’s body weight as resistance whilst running, & sprawling and crawling up a steep hill, forwards and backwards under strict orders!!

Afterwards I felt totally pumped and knackered! My inhibitions had vanished and I can’t wait to do it again! It also confirmed my belief that it’s healthy and invigorating to do something new, with strangers, to spice your training and exercise up…. And life!


ankorr training


More info on this style of training can be found at


FITNESS FACT: Just 21 minutes of hard exercise a day can leave your body burning fat for hours after!

FOOD FACT: Red wine in moderation is associated with prevention of cancer, heart disease, strokes and diabetes.



“Unless you try to do something

beyond what you have already mastered,

you will never grow”

Ralph Waldo Emmerson


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