Kids Style File – Tweens


By Stylist – Nat Baker.


TWEENS and Shopping


In my role as a stylist, I work with a range of people to determine their personal style or find their way with fashion. To date, my eldest client was aged 91 years and my youngest client was aged 9 years, who was brought to me by her mum.


This gorgeous 9 year old girl had developed earlier than her peers & her mum found it difficult to find ‘age appropriate’ clothing to fit her daughters blossoming shape.
What I’m finding more and more, is that there are many mums bringing in their pre-teen daughters to find fashion that is fun, colourful, modest, stylish, cool and well-priced. As children begin their journey into the teenage years it can be daunting for parents as their kids have even more of an opinion on what they will and won’t wear. It’s really a time to give your tween some guidance, but also the responsibility to make fun, yet appropriate choices.


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Tips for Tween Dressing/Styling

1. Keep it cute but keep it covered. Don’t reveal too much or try to be too grown up with heels or short skirts/shorts.
2. Get your tween to take responsibility for outfit choices. Encourage them to check the weather/forecast before they get dressed.
3. Check their wardrobe to see what fits & what is needed. Tweens should have some quality basics such as jeans, jacket, tees, knit, 1-2 dressy items plus a pair of casual and a pair of dressy shoes.
4. Encourage tweens not to wear things just because it suits their friends. They will need to gain confidence in what makes them look and feel good/comfortable.

5. Tweens bodies will start changing. This is ok and it’s all normal. Going up a size or two will ensure things look & fit appropriately. Try jeans and pants with an elastane/stretch component so that they can last longer. Try crochet, textured or patterned tees over bust areas as girls are developing to disguise this area. (Avoid plain see-through styles)
6. Encourage your tween to have fun with their style, but ensure that it doesn’t offend anyone.
7. Use accessories as an inexpensive way to update your tween’s style/look
8.  Parents should still guide tweens on what is appropriate for certain occasions.


unnamed (2)


My favourite places to buy great product for tweens?
Surf Stores (brands like Roxy & Billabong)
Witchery (Kids up to size 14)
MYER (Wayne by Wayne Cooper, The Lost Girls, Chino, Tili, Miss Shop)
Bardot Kids
Target (Target brand in sizes 7 up to 16 in girls/boys wear, ‘Piping Hot’ & ‘Mooks’, ‘Lily Loves’ sizes start at ladies size 6)
Cotton On ‘Free 8-14’ girls/boys
Big W (Peter Morrissey 7-16)
Forever New & Dotti (starting at Ladies size 6)

CREDITS:  Modelled by Ellia and Xavier.  Clothes from Target.


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