ALL THINGS FOOD: Have we all gone mad?


By Karen Ciano of QUINCY LANE.


Doughnuts are so hot right now, filled with Nutella or oozing with salted caramel, glazed and dripping with bright colours and sugary sprinkles at all the hip cafes and parties. But then they went one step further and stacked all these sweet treats on top of milkshakes in glass mason jars, feed thick straws through the doughnuts and created ‘extreme milkshakes’.


The extreme milkshakes got even crazier with chocolate bars, waffles, Tim Tams, Oreos, pretzels, popcorn and toasted meringue toppling down the sides!


Milkshake 1

My version of the Kiwi versus Aussie Extreme Milkshake


It wasn’t so long ago we were all drinking ‘green smoothies’ packed with superfoods and raw ingredients at these trendy cafes. Now we’re all lining up early to beat the crowds for these sugar filled milky beverages.


These extreme milkshakes are now sounding like something from an American chain that we would normally be disgusted in, but the bandwagon pulled up and we all jumped on.


All these food trends are getting crazier and more ridiculous by the day. They’re crowding social media and taking over our tastebuds. I’m not sure if people actually enjoy drinking and eating these crazy milkshakes or just want to be part of the action and snap and post with FOMO (fear of missing out) on the social media frenzy.


milkshake 2

A good old fashioned milkshake is always on my to-do list when I come home to New Zealand


Would we have these trends without social media? What happened to just enjoying a good old-fashioned milkshake without all the fuss? I know which I’d rather, and I know which one will still be sought after in 6 months time in the height of summer when we realise we overdid it with the calorie laden craze!


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3 Responses to “ALL THINGS FOOD: Have we all gone mad?”

  1. mariusbeullens

    Couldn’t agree more. I was gobsmacked when these insane drinks made the prime time news on TV recently. It’s like there is a secret club of sugar mad people out there…


    • Karen Ciano

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this Marius!! It’s getting a bit ridiculous!



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