KAREN + MAKE UP = Natural Flush for Spring


By Make Up and Hair artist, Karen Dyer

A Youthful Cheek Flush for Spring


Wanting to create a nice youthful barely there natural pink flush on your cheeks, without looking like you have applied makeup to achieve this? Or, having to slap your cheeks several times as my good friend told me today she does……..youch!


Cream Blush is your answer!


More often than not it’s a powder blush we reach for to give that flush of colour on the cheeks, but a cream blush can be so much more natural if applied lightly and in the right position to give that young fresh luminous flush.


MAC have many lovely colours in their range, my all time favourite is “Ladyblush”.


The best way to apply is to take out a small amount from the pot with a spatula or end of a brush handle and spread it around on a pallet or plate. Then take a large duo fibre brush such as #187 from MAC (image below) and dab it into the product, lightly coating the tips of the bristles. Then in small circular movements lightly stipple it onto your cheeks, start on the apples of your cheeks and blend up onto your cheek bones. PLEASE don’t stop with just the circles on the apples, unless you are going to a dress up party as a clown – then knock yourself out as you’ll have the perfect look……………..but keep stippling up a little as it will be way more flattering.

unnamed (1)


More food for thought………resist the temptation always of dabbing your brush straight into your product, applying to your face then double dipping. Bacteria can live in any moist product like cream blushes, concealers, foundations etc so you can transfer microscopic bacterial particles from your skin straight into your product very quickly turning them off. Ever noticed a waxy, somewhat crayon like smell from any of your older products????? If you have that’s the sure sign that they have gone off well and truly ladies so in the bin they go unless you want to infect your face. Not so nice to talk about but good to know right?


So get experimenting ladies and think outside the box. If you have a lippy that’s a nice soft pink/rose – use that to have a play before you go investing in an actual cream blush (as it is also waxed based, only a slightly different consistency).


unnamed (2)

#187 from MAC


Happy experimenting!

Image credits:  MAC  and Karens own.

unnamed (1)

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