SUGAR MONK: Tips on planning a party yourself


by Tanya Ryan – Business Director at SUGAR MONK

Planning a party or event can be very daunting for most people. If you are not in a position to hire someone to plan your next event, here are my 7 tips to a DIY party.


FIRST – Budget! You need to know what you are willing to spend from the get go and you must stick to it. It is very easy to get carried away and blow the budget. Try and allocate what you would like to spend where and that will help you stick to your budget.

SECOND – Colour Scheme or Theme! You 100% need either a colour scheme or theme before you purchase anything! If you don’t, every time you hit the shops and see something cute you will buy it & your styling will turn into one big hot mess of 50 different colours and no common thread! Try making a few things yourself as your starting point for your colour scheme and then work everything around that, like this sign we made for a dessert table below. We made that first and worked everything around that.

unnamed (3)
THIRD – Venue. Whether you have it at home or at a restaurant, choosing the right venue or location is a key element to planning your event. Make sure it is suitable for not only you, but also your guests.


FOURTH – Food. Suitable food and sweets for your event is a must. We have seen and worked with some unbelievably talented caterers and dessert people and these days the sky is the limit. However, this is where you can blow your budget, so if you have only allocated a certain amount we say 100% put that to your main cake and think about creating your own basic desserts to compliment this. Brownies, chocolate crackles or jelly cups are a few simple options. These beauties below were made by Quincy.Lane to match our signage. Our Budget was tight so instead of one big cake we got seven of these and a cake topper as our main cake.


unnamed (1)


FIFTH – Entertainment. I believe this is one of the most important parts to planning an event. From having a photo booth to organising a slide show of pictures suited to your event with great music behind, there is always something that you can organise. You want your guests to be entertained, which will leave you stress free and not thinking constantly, is everyone enjoying themselves? Even simple things you can pre do yourself, like a colouring in corner or games corner with board games you may already have.


SIXTH – Styling & Decorations. Just by adding painted tomato cans filled with fresh flowers or even a few balloons to your event can make the world of difference .


unnamed (2)


SEVENTH – Enjoy. There is nothing worst than a mother running around trying to do everything herself and not enjoying the day. If you look like you are having fun your guests will too, so sit back relax and enjoy the party!


unnamed (4)


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