I’m outta time and all I got is 4 Minutes


By Pilates instructor – Emma Boggi


Lower back pain is one of the most come reasons we find people coming to the Pilates studio. And unless you have unfortunately been on the receiving end of a bulged disc or other such nasty pathology it is really just a result of our activities of daily life coupled with bad posture and a dose of “the can’t be bother-eds”.


But I am here to tell you….BE BOTHERED!


Finding creative ways to put on your socks and undies because you can’t seem to bend freely at the hips to get your gear on is painful and time consuming, and let’s face it we are busy people guys, way too busy to be relying on the kindness of strangers to do up our converse runners before we shoot out the door to do the million and one things on that never ending list.




So I propose that you find 4 minutes…yes that’s right four minutes… to change your lower back pain into something of the past. I do acknowledge that if you have a pre-existing condition/injury you will have to catch up with your physio to get the correct plan, however, for the rest of us with washer woman’s back, finding four minutes will change your life.


So once you’ve managed to spring out of bed & scoot through the shower find a nice spot on the bedroom floor (while hopefully hubby fires up the coffee machine) and start you first 2 minutes with some pelvic tilts…just small tilts where you roll your pubic bone towards your chest as you exhale.  Once you’ve done that 2 minutes and probably about 25 tilts flip over on to all fours and start to do 2 minutes worth of cats…happy cat and angry cat (and with any luck no wandering toddler will look at you as an amusement ride and jump on board)


All up 20 tilts and 20 cats with some good Pilates breathing technique and pelvic floor engagement should off set any dull or tired lower back pain from a typically hectic day of work and family management.



Not sure what a ‘cat’ or ‘pelvic tilt’ is? See these great youtube demos I found.

Pelvic tilt:   Youtube/watch/pelvic tilt

Cats: Youtube/watch/cats


Speak soon, Em X


The exercises that Emma discusses in her blog are for bodies that have no prior injury or existing pathology. Please consult your physician before you commence any exercise program.

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