We know you are out there…..

It is hard to believe it has been almost a year since Organised Chaos LAUNCHED.

It has been a really interesting year on so many levels.

I have met some wonderful people through Organised Chaos and formed some great friendships.  People I may never have met if it were not for the wonderful world of blogging.

One topic that often comes up in conversation is what a lonely world blogging can be.  We have our online comrades, but for the most part you are at your desk alone.   This of course has its advantages, because you can blog when it suits you (and your family) – but you also don’t really know what people are thinking about your ‘product’.



Repost @smaggle

This is where you come in.

GUESS WHAT?  There are LOADS AND LOADS of you who read our blog on a daily basis.  THANK YOU, and we hope you are enjoying what you read.

THIS IS WHERE WE NEED YOUR HELP… we would love  your feedback…I can only assume that you like what you read (otherwise there wouldn’t be so many of you).. a simple ‘LIKE’ or even a ‘SHARE’ tells us that we are heading in the right direction.  To keep doing what we are doing.  The segments with the biggest responses are the segments we will keep, and those with little to no interaction will be exchanged for something more popular in time.

A big heartfelt thank you to those of you who have taken the time to message me and tell us you love Organised Chaos – these simple messages mean the world to us, and inspire us all to keep trying to make Organised Chaos a better blog for you.


1000 thanks








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