Organise it – The Organised Pantry


By Sharne Kuper of My Organised Home


A well-organised pantry will let you see what you have at a glance. It will allow you to access what you need easily and minimise items going to waste. It will make shopping easier and putting things away a breeze. It should even give you more joy when you cook.

To achieve a well-organised pantry you need to think about what should go where.

Generally on the top shelves, which are hard to access and difficult to see, items that are rarely used like party supplies, trays and infrequently used appliances should be kept.

On the central/middle shelves, items which are more frequently used like cereals, snacks, tins, condiments & spreads can be stored here.

On the bottom shelves and the floor store extras and spares of those things you stock up on when they are on sale and heavy items like tins of oil and bottles of soft drink or juices.

Now you have an idea of the layout you can then work out more specific ways of storing the individual items that will help you maintain an organised pantry.


unnamed (4)



Kids snacks, small packets and half used packets of items often account for a lot of the clutter in a pantry. So that all these small items stay together keep them in baskets. These make it easy to access and see what you have and what you might be running low on. (Howards Storage World medium stacking basket $13.95)



To keep pantry moths away and the freshness in you should keep all dry foods once open in airtight containers.

To store your tinned food you can either stand them in rows of the same type i.e. tinned fish, tinned fruit, tinned legumes etc or you could purchase a tiered shelf which will enable you to see the front of the tins at a glance. Suggestion Kmart chrome extendable 3 tier shelf $10.00.


unnamed (1)

For storing spices these are ideally kept in another container, which you can pull out from the pantry so you can look for what you need without rifling through a shelf full of little jars. Another way to make this even easier is to label the lids of your jars with its contents. This saves having to pull every jar up to find what you are looking for. Suggestion IKEA Variera box small $3.99, large $5.99 see image.


unnamed (2)

In a pantry any spillables like oil, vinegars and sauces should be kept on a tray. Suggestion IKEA Barbar tray $7.99.


unnamed (3)


Happy Organising!


Images: Pinterest, Howards Storage World, Ikea, Kmart and  Feature header:



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“Sharne is a Sydney based Professional Organiser. After spending most of her career in fashion she has found her calling in helping people reclaim their space and simplify their lives. “I love doing what I do and seeing what a difference it can make in peoples lives is very rewarding”


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