Get your summer body back…



by Kristina Ambler


FROM WHERE?  Summer is fast approaching and  I can’t help but notice all the, “Get your summer body back”,  or “Step into your new summer body”.

Get it back from where??


Last time I checked MY body hadn’t left me, and summer is still coming.  I guess without doing much I actually do have, “ MY very own summer body”.


With all jokes aside, I really believe  this way of thinking is letting us down.  The other issue is the summer body we are trying to get back, is normally of some cover girl,  who’s full time job is to look that way.


unnamed (4)


The majority of us humans  are conditioned to compare our worst bits with people’s best bits, and want what we don’t have.


We set ourselves  sometimes non achievable goals that  leave us feeling inadequate and unempowered  when we never reach them.


The good news is, you are the master of your universe  and you ultimately get to decide whether or not you want to stay in this unempowered way of thinking, feeling and ultimately being.


unnamed (6)


Just remember,  When we feel empowered it puts our bodies into a relaxation response.  From here our bodies thrive.  If you are  stressing about an unachievable goal your body shifts to a stress response. From here your body secretes insulin and cortisol.  Studies show that excess levels of these hormones contributes to weight gain, leaving you fighting more of an uphill battle.


The work really is how do you get comfortable with where you are now,  allowing an easier ride to get to  where you want to be.


Remember the Mind Body connection is powerful.  What we think effects how we feel and how we feel effects everything in our lives.  When we feel good life gives us good back.


I don’t know about you –  but I think beauty oozes out of anyone who is GENUINELY owning the body and the look they have.   No matter what shape or size.


unnamed (5)



Even if those around you  don’t  feel this way who cares? as when you shift to this way of thinking you will  feel lighter in your mind, attracting lightness in all aspects of lives.




How can you make peace with you where you  are now to help you get where you want to be?


unnamed (9)



So here is my challenge: Start noticing the negative thoughts you have about yourself.
Take some time daily to write down a few things you are grateful for about yourself, or about your day.
Breaking the cycle of negative  talk will have a profound effect on how you feel about yourself, and statistics show  lasting change  happens from the inside out.


This seems like an  easy task,  although it will take commitment for  you to do it.


I would love to hear your experiences on this and remember,


Be kind to yourself,  It feels better.


Much love

Kricket x


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