Sir Richards Branson was recently challenged to share his GRANDPARENT BUCKET LIST with his followers – and I thought it was definitley worth sharing with our Grandparent readers who might be stuck for ideas these school holidays.  Love the challenges Sir Richard.


Teach them how to play chess

I think chess may just be the best game in the world. It combines the greatest aspects of many different sports – tactics, planning, bravery and risk-taking – plus you can have a stimulating conversation while you play! It’s great bonding time for family members; and it makes perfect sense for chess to be taught to young people, as the game is a great fit for mobile and remote learning. (No, I haven’t started teaching my grandkids yet!)




Spend time with them in nature 

Children need nature. When I was growing up I spent lots of time running around outside, climbing trees and discovering the great outdoors. Those early experiences helped shape my personality and thirst for exploration. When Holly and Sam were growing up, Joan and I tried to give them lot of exposure to nature too. Getting out into the great outdoors encourages a sense of adventure and makes us inquisitive and curious about the world around us.


Introduce them to their family linage

I think it’s very important that all people know as much as they can about their family history and linage – and grandparents are the perfect people to teach kids. I recently had my family history mapped, and found out so many interesting and fun facts. I’m looking forward to telling my grandchildren all about it. A trip to explore ancestral roots is also a great idea – if possible.


You can read the full list here on the Virgin Website:


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