THE FIRST TWELVE MONTHS – The day we found out


By photographer Sally Goodall

Throwback to the day my hubby & I found out we were having a baby. We were back in NZ. I had a wedding to shoot on Waiheke Island so we decided to make a holiday of it & head to my family Christmas tree farm. The day we arrived I’d pulled mum aside to tell her I had a feeling we were pregnant. Wanting to jump out of her skin she quietly contained herself with tears filling her eyes and let out an angelic “Really?” She had only been waiting for this moment for say….I don’t know, her entire life! Bless her.



The following day my husband, Mum and I were on our way into the city to visit some of our extended family. On the way we decided to buy a pregnancy test so we stopped off at the local chemist where Cal ran in. Mum was in there at the same time, the two of them pretending not to know one another incase word got out (haha, don’t you just love small towns!) We had to make a stop at Bunnings along the way to pick up something for my brother. It was there where Cal managed to convince me to take the test…yes, you heard me right, the Bunnings public bathroom – all class. The truth was he couldn’t wait & secretly neither could I…. whatever it takes I say.

I can still clearly remember that moment the two blue lines appeared, madly trying to contain my excitement  I raced outside to find Cal pondering about in the plant section waiting anxiously. I’ll never forget his face when he saw mine light up with the biggest smile possible. I’m sure we got some strange looks once the tears started flooding in. I don’t think I could embrace him tight enough. Mum arrived shortly after, took one look at us and let out a shreak. Waterworks all round. Seriously the best moment ever.


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