ALL THINGS FOOD: Modern Dining Manners


By Karen Ciano of QUINCY LANE.


Are we losing the old fashioned dining etiquette, either when dining out or with the family at home?

Do you sit to eat dinner as a family at the table at night? Do you have a tablecloth & set the table? Are you mobiles turned off, or on silent at least, the television turned off?

My husband always had a little set of rules, when dining out, which I think people wouldn’t dream of, all these years later. The major ‘rule’ for him, was & still is, if there’s a tablecloth, your mobile phone is switched off! Obviously all the high end restaurants have tablecloths, so phones off! Could you imagine that nowadays? Now I feel extremely old! There wasn’t any social media then, we didn’t need to ‘check in’ or snap & post a photo of what we were eating! We simply enjoyed it & each other’s company.


dinner table 2

If we did need to have a mobile on us, it was away in a pocket or a bag, on silent, and we excused from the table to take the call. We obviously didn’t need to be contactable by babysitters back then either!We don’t actually have a dining table at home at the moment, due to lack of space. So all our formal & old fashioned values I’d like to pass onto our children go out the window at home. We eat later then our 2 1/2 year old, due to busy lives. He is also a fussy eater, so I try to distract him with the television.

I guess in all honesty, a mix of the old & the new is what suits our busy lifestyles & we all do what we need to get through, right?

Read these tips (and recipe) by Kylie from Kidgredients on how to create  ‘Special Family Meals’ 

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