All kinds of beautiful


by Author Hannah Tunnicliffe

I have a problem. My problem is that I cannot stop calling my daughters “beautiful”.

I know I am not supposed to. I know that there is too high a value placed on beauty, especially for women. I know that the pursuit of beauty wrecks havoc on our self-esteems, identities, relationships and…worse. I know that vanity used to be considered a sin and that now we seem to live in a world where happiness and success is regularly measured by the hotness of the latest selfie. I see it, I know it, I feel it, it all makes me want to curl up into a ball and wish the world away. But… my daughters.

My daughters really are something. As I am sure all daughters and sons are. Yours in particular. When I think or say “beautiful!” to them I don’t mean it in a singular way. I don’t just mean “pretty”. I mean – dazzlingly joyful, full to the brim, radiant, hilarious, courageous, compassionate, sparkling, wonderful and awesome. If I had to replace “beautiful” with only one word I guess I’d choose vibrant? But, let’s be honest, “vibrant” isn’t an adjective that just leaps out, the way “beautiful” does.

Recently my elegant, truly stylish, well-read, super-smart, delightfully cynical, unfortunately-living-in-another-country (boo!), really beautiful friend…. read more here



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