SUGAR MONK: Making your own tassels


by Renée Pinto –  Creative Director at SUGAR MONK


We love balloon tassels at Sugar Monk, but we also like to create something different sometimes and add our own personal touch.


Here are two ways of creating your own balloon tassels that will be unique and personalised to your own event or party you are throwing.


unnamed (2)
For the last two events we have had, I decided for one which was a Circus theme, I would make some ribbon tassels, rather than buy some tissue paper ones. I went with this option as I thought that, we had so much going on with the dessert table that bold bright coloured tassels might be too much.


These are so easy to make! I purchased all these ribbons from Spotlight. I wanted just simple colours and patterns to match our red & blue colour scheme.


I got a long piece of brown string. I cut all my different ribbons to different sizes. Then one by one I folded them over the brown string and stitched them by hand. Really simple and quite therapeutic whilst watching TV!!




I was really happy with the end result, as they were nice and thin and didn’t distract from the dessert bar.


We also did a wedding last weekend and for this one I decided to go with making some fabric tassels.


With these ones, all I did was cut a light weight fabric into identical lengths, and tied them one by one onto some string.


To add a bit of wow, I got some tassels from the ribbon section and added those in, in random spots as well as adding in some tissue paper ones that I purchased through a great online company called Ruby Rabbit Partyware.


My main tip when making ribbon and fabric tassels is to go for very light weight fabric! You would hate for half way through an event that your balloon is slowly moving closer to the ground because of all the weight.


unnamed (1)



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