5 with … Carly Jacobs (Blogger)


Tell us about you? 

I’m Carly Jacobs from Smaggle.com and Littleblogbig.com. I help people be the star of their own lives. Christina Butcher and I also help bloggers, small business owners and solo creatives grow their businesses online and kick butt on the internet. I live in Melbourne Australia with my impossibly tall and handsome partner and we’re really, really close to getting a dog.



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What is your story?

I started Smaggle as an online outfit sharing thing in 2007 and it turned into a full on lifestyle website/full time job a few years down the track. As for Little Blog Big, Chrissy and I were always getting inquiries about blogging advice so we started a blogging school. It’s awesome – we love it so much. Our workshops are always high energy, inspiring and bloody good fun. It’s the actual best part of our job.


Your workshops sound AMAZING – what dates do you have scheduled?

We have four workshops on before the end of the year.

Melbourne 10th October

Brisbane 7th November

Canberra 14th November

Sydney 28th November

And we’re planning some big stuff for next year too – stay tuned!





So tell us, whats your claim to fame?

I once shared a six-pack with John English one Saturday afternoon when we were both in between performing theatre shows at the same theatre complex. He’s hilarious, it was a rad afternoon.


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What is something people don’t know about you?

I used to be a watch technician and I’m also a qualified jeweller. I can melt metal – I’d be SUPER useful on any zombie apocalypse team because I can also crochet, make delicious meals out of almost anything and my cardio vascular fitness is pretty top notch.













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