What’s your flavour?


By Pilates instructor – Emma Boggi


The funniest thing usually happens when I tell people that I am a Pilates instructor, it’s usually followed with the comment of “oh, I’ve heard of that, it’s kinda like yoga isn’t it?”


Well….kinda but no.  Actually Pilates is nothing like yoga. And yoga is nothing like Pilates. And that’s a great thing because Pilates, yoga or even ballet barre for that matter are all completely different things utilizing different methods of exercise and movement to help you improve your health and wellbeing. And it’s this common thread that makes all of them fabulous…you just gotta find your flavour!




Clearly Pilates was for me, it works on the principles of moving your muscles as they were supposed to be moved. It incorporates breathing, proprioception, balance and resistance training, along with flowing and fluid movements. It focuses on posture, the spine and overall good alignment throughout the body. And of course it can rehabilitate after injury or surgery too. Not to mention it is definitely part of most of the victoria secrets models workouts.


But Miranda Kerr is a yoga devotee (and what a pin up girl she is for it!) Again it’s a wonderful form of exercise for the body based around holding poses for a certain time to stretch and strengthen body & the mind. It’s ingrained in Indian history and 1.2 billion people can’t be wrong, So whether you like it flowing, hot, gentle or hard core, if you are doing something like this for yourself it is sure as hell better than sitting on the couch having another Tim-Tam.


No matter if you pick Pilates, yoga, tap dancing, swimming or just a plain old daily stroll around your hood…find your flavour and get out and enjoy it for your mind and your body.


Speak soon,



Feature Image credit:  nutmeg nanny.com   Image credit: www.melissabethkravitz.com


The exercises that Emma discusses in her blog are for bodies that have no prior injury or existing pathology. Please consult your physician before you commence any exercise program.


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