Body by Bex – Ever said “I need to get fit” before….?

Three weeks ago I started group training sessions and over that time it’s gone from a group of 3 to 17 women that all have their own stories, their own worries, fears and inhibitions! I’ve heard from some of them individually and the common concern was that they are not ‘fit enough’ or because they’ve not done anything in ‘ages’ they were super worried and nervous about training.

I totally understand this and have felt the same in the past, but I can honestly say that these women gave it their all. They didn’t stop, they loved the energy of my sessions and more than anything they all felt a connection…. a strong connection of support, enthusiasm, fun and a part of an instant mini community.
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My favorite comment was that ‘they had been on a high since last weeks Body by Bex session’. This was music to my ears, and I could only explain it as a ‘connection’, a group of like-minded ladies, no matter what fitness level,  coming together and committing  to exercise which leaves them feeling full, content and pumped!

So if you find yourself in a position where you want to take part in something but feel nervous or worried I promise you that once you have taken part, you will not regret it for one moment.

FITNESS FACT: Partners that train together stay together.

FOOD FACT: Strawberries combat high blood pressure & help to eliminate kidney stones.


“No one is YOU

and that is pretty powerful”

Lorna Jane


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