By photographer Sally Goodall

So we finally did it, we moved to the beach!

My husband and I spent the past 7 years living a somewhat chaotic, semi charmed life on the bustling, inner city island state of Richmond. (referred to as ‘The Island’ because most of us ‘3121’ locals rarely leave!)

My man was in heaven, only minutes away from a number of world class sports stadiums (including the ‘G’), his old school mates and an abundance of vibrant pubs and bars. I was pretty damn content too, having my girls just down the road, the tan (botanical gardens) on my doorstep & my fav cafes within arms reach. And let’s not forget the espresso martinis and the shopping, oh the shopping! We both had our own growing small businesses & contently worked from a large studio space on the bottom level of our open plan warehouse apartment.

Everything was easy & life was good.


unnamed (2)


As the years went on though, we gradually realized how hectic our lives had become. You see, we were YES people. “Yes we’d love to come, yes we can do that, yes let’s meet there, yes of course you can stay…yes yes yes!” At the time we thought we had it sussed…we loved the spontaneity & enjoyed the social life. Without a mortgage, children or much responsibility, you could even say we were, (dare I say it) selfish.

Then, although not entirely a surprise, we found out we were having a baby.

Life was about to change (for the better) forever and now seemed like the perfect time to make a sea change, slow down, save some money and prepare for our sweet little bundle of joy to arrive.

I decided to take the bull by the horns and immediately start researching online where we wanted to live.

What was our criteria? Beach and parks within walking distance, peace & quiet, nature on our doorstep, big backyard, comfortable family home, friendly neighbourhood, an hour drive from the city and of course it had to be affordable. Were we expecting too much? We didn’t think so. I’ve always believed that if you visualise your perfect world and put the feelers out to the universe (add a touch of hard work of course!) then things generally work out in your favour. And they certainly did.



unnamed (6)


Within two months of commencing our “impossible” search, we found it, and it ticked all the boxes and more! A perfect little spot to raise our family, slow down, connect with the community and once again enjoy the simple things in life.

So we waved goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the big smoke. We left the island. And so far, life couldn’t be better!



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2 Responses to “THE FIRST TWELVE MONTHS – Seachange”

  1. Georgina Cunningham

    A very enjoyable read. There’s something to be said for slowing down.



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