Party Food for Kids (when they are so young the parents still hang around)


By Kylie of Kidgredients


I recently had a party for Miss 5 and Master 3’s birthdays.  They are 10 days apart and I’m very lucky to get away with a combined party.  This year we did fairies and dragons. I go a little over the top at my children’s parties and go into a planning lockdown that could generally put an invading army to shame.


Then I go into panic.  You see, there’s expectations. Pretty high expectations.  At 36 weeks pregnant with Master 3 I did a rainbow party….5 layer jellies, 7 level rainbow cake…rainbow cupcakes etc. So there’s expectations from everyone, right? Actually, as I’m trying to tell myself, those expectations are something I’ve kind of brought upon myself.


But my kids are still of the age where the parents still attend the party and need to eat! So I need to factor them into my planning.  Here’s my top food tips and recipes for adult food at kids parties:




  1. hot food:

sausage rolls,

mini pastries (such as baked wontons and savoury tarts),

chicken drumettes

meatballs on a skewer

mini fritters

mini baked mini cupcake size lasagne cups


  1. cold adult friendly:

smoked salmon toasts

yoghurt dough scrolls (I actually did these for the kids, but the adults tucked in)


mini salad cups




Now for the kiddies, I had mainly healthy food:

yoghurt cups with mixed berries (in shot glasses)

fruit skewers

mini sandwiches

chopped raw veggies

apple and marshmallow toadstools

yoghurt dough scrolls

cucumber sushi

tuna sushi


unnamed (3)


I didn’t bother with hot food for the kids, with the idea that they could have some of the adult food as it went around.  As usual there was cake, but I hoped that most kids had filled up on good stuff before then!  No lollies in sight.


Goodie bags are another minefield for me and I gave each child one kinder chocolate, two balls of homemade playdough and an assortment of small toys including light up rings and slinkies.


And now…I’m off to rest…whilst I plan next years parties (Miss 5 will be at school so I’m splitting them!).




 Who is Kylie from Kidgredients?





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