Body by Bex – Introducing the ‘WELL FIT’ break.


Body by Bex in conjunction with Lighterliving Wellness have come together to launch our first ‘Well Fit Break’ in stunning Bali in 2016 at the beautiful Komune Resort & Health Hub!

For 5 magical days and nights we will be exercising, relaxing, laughing, eating, and getting a new zest for life in one of the most beautiful places on the planet!


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So why and what’s it all about?

After staying at Hotel Komune this year and getting to relax, really relax,  for the first time in a long time – and eat great food and still do what I love to do – exercise (at the wonderful Health Hub), I decided with my dear friend and Wellness Coach Kricket, to host a ‘Wellness / Fitness’ break.  After many many years as a travel consultant in the UK and now as a Fitness Professional the thought of organising a ‘fitness’ holiday was all too exciting not too!


Well Fit freature


So who is it for….. ANYONE!

The whole idea of this break is you can do as much or as little as you like! We will of course be running daily fitness classes, wellness talks, and vision board workshops. Also included in the price is daily yoga, massage or spin class, exciting Balinese cooking class, day excursion to a beautiful  sand beach fringed with local warungs (small family owned restaurants) gourmet breakfast and evening meals, a privately catered farewell dinner & local seafood banquet….. And much more!


We hope that guests will leave this ‘Well Fit Break’ feeling happy, healthy, strong, relaxed and content! We hope it will be THE holiday of 2016 and something you will be talking about forever!

For further information you can email us at


wellfit gym


FITNESS FACT: If parents are physically active, their children are likely to follow their example and be active too.

FOOD FACT: Chilli – help fights migraine, relieve congestion and sinusitis and burns up fat!! 



“People need to be encouraged.
People need to be reminded of how wonderful they are.
People need to be believed in –
told they are brave, and smart, and capable of accomplishing
all of the dreams they dream – and more.
Remind each other of this.”

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