SUGAR MONK: Cheap options to add wow to your dessert table


by Renée Pinto –  Creative Director at SUGAR MONK
We have found that the most popular thing we get asked to do for all of our events of late, is the humble dessert table, which is not so humble these days!


Dessert Tables seem to be the main decorative piece at most events and they can be expensive. From the amazing desserts out there which are like mini artworks in themselves to the styling and creative side of things.


This floral themed confirmation we did was for my little sister whose brief to me was, “Do what you want with pink and green!”
Too easy!


So here are my tips on creating a Dessert Table that is still beautiful, but to a budget!


The most important thing is the main cake. Spend your money on that! As in all seriousness, that is the centre piece and could actually sit on a table alone, without anything else and still be enough. This cake was created for us by the amazing With Love by Zee.


Another tip is to add lollies to your dessert table. I have found the Lolly Table is dead! We rarely get asked to do one of these, but I always think there still should be some on a dessert table. However, you need to make them stand out as well.


For this one we did three things with lollies.


1. Just plain and simple in a jar, like what we did with the pink freckles in the above pic. Simple and easy.


2. Get some soft lollies, some skewers and make some sweet kebabs like these ones below.


These were so simple to make, looked so cute on the table and the kids and adults loved them! Why not get the kids involved, my sister and niece loved helping me to make these.



3. We purchased some macarons which are another great option for a dessert table and very popular at the moment, as they are not as expensive as cakes. We got these ones from Macarons by Maree. To make them a bit quirky, and to fit our colour scheme, we stuck them on a cake pop stick with pink iced marshmallow lollies! How cute do these look!



My last tip is cupcakes! You cannot go wrong with cupcakes! If you are no Betty Crocker, do what I did, as I was time poor after painting the backdrop and making the dessert cards. I just purchased Betty Crocker in a box! Buying a cake mix is a great option for non bakers or people who are time poor. Just get fancy cupcake paper holders, add on a flower or a lollie and hey presto something cute and fun that still looks really good.



Flowers are another good option if you decide that the main cake is enough. Just make an early morning trip to your local flower markets and surround your cake with vases of flowers.


In saying all of that, if you can afford a few desserts these are our top picks of people to go with. We could make a list that is pages long as there are so many talented people we have worked with, but here are a few.


With Love by Zee
Desserts by Joey
Macarons by Maree
Room for Cake
Nay’s Cupcakes
Sugar High Desserts
One Sweet Chick Cookies and Cake
Art of Baking






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