Body by Bex – Christmas Cleanse


Ok so do you want to feel cleansed, healthier and just that little bit fitter by Christmas? Want to feel fab for that special Christmas Party?

This week I want to give a few tips on how to help you on your way so you can have a very Merry Christmas!


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Step it up a gear…. Try adding in an extra gym session, bootcamp or PT for the next few months, try make that extra session something different too.

It’s always good to shock your body into something new.


Lift heavier…. Increase your weights by a KG or few, don’t get stuck on using the same old weight.

Challenge yourself even if it’s only for certain exercises.


Try swapping one naughty habit for a good one… it can be as simple as no sugar in your cup of tea and drinking an extra glass of water a day.

Small changes are the way forward if you want to stick to them.




Fall in love with Spring & Summers fresh fruit and vegetables… Mix up those salads and juices.

Try having salads with most meals and a mixed fresh juice a day.

A yummy salad is cauliflower sliced and pan-fried with garlic salt & pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice, then cooled and mixed with diced cherry tomatoes, red onion, radish, celery, sugar snap peas, coriander.

The perfect dressing for that is 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt, a teaspoon of English mustard, chilli flakes, a small clove of diced garlic, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, the juice of half a lemon and a handful of chopped fresh coriander – all mixed together (in an old jam jar).


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Try juicing for a few days… If your feeling sluggish and things aren’t going with the flow, why not try juicing for a few days.

Jason Vale ‘the juice master’ The Funky Fresh Juice Book is fantastic. It has all sorts of juices for the Gym Bunny Juices to the Dr Juice. I love his book and use it daily.


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And finally……

Laugh…. A lot! Find something fun you love doing and do more of it.

Surround yourself with people who make you laugh & smile.


For Body by Bex Work Out ideas keep an eye out for my next post!


FITNESS FACT: Having a rest day is really important for muscle recovery and growth!

FOOD FACT: Salads DO fill you up…..




is your day

To START fresh

to EAT right

To TRAIN hard

To LIVE healthy

To BE proud”

 Bonnie Pfiezer

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