Organise it – Organise a Christmas Tradition


By Organising guru – Sharne Kuper

My boys started asking me about the Advent Calendar weeks ago! It is their favourite Christmas tradition. They count down the days till the 1st of December when they excitedly open one of the little boxes to discover the surprise inside.  One you can make yourself is so much nicer than most of the shop bought ones. If you can organise these sort of traditions in your home your children will always remember them.





Every year I have a mix of treats and little treasures. Halloween was only a couple of weeks ago and my children seriously don’t need any more sugar in their daily routine for as long as I can help it. This year I have decided to mix up the contents of the Advent calendar. Activity cards will now accompany alternate treats and treasures.





Here are some ideas: –


Watch a family Christmas movie

Make some Christmas biscuits/slice

Write a letter to Santa

Take a drive to see the Christmas lights

Wrap a present to put under a Christmas charity tree

Read a Christmas book all together

Make hot chocolate and stir with a candy cane

Decorate the Christmas tree






Christmas decorations

Gold coin


Matchbox cars






Mini bounce ball

Finger puppet

Hairclips & bows




Pinterest is a wealth of ideas on Advent calendars. I have included just a few which might inspire you to create your own. Don’t want to start from scratch? Remember some craft shops like Spotlight sell Advent Calendar kits, which you can put together yourself and then personalise with paint and other decorations.





Feature image credit:  All other images: Pinterest (Enhanced Buzz)


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