Things i Love – The Masterplan Family Diary



I just love my Masterplan Family Diary.


I am not sure why, but I feel more in control and more organised with a paper diary vs an electronic one. This may be different if I worked in an office environment.   Over the years I have tried different family diaries, but last year came across this one, and there is no looking back.



unnamed (2)3



I just received my bright and shiny 2015 one in the post yesterday.  Being the black one, not the blue one, which had a run-in with a water bottle a couple of weeks ago.







Why I love it:

  • Family member names are down the side and days across the top (I can’t function with it the other way around).
  • There is extra space for me at the top.
  • A space for birthdays
  • A row for my  dinner plan – now I don’t need to have a separate piece of paper for my meal planning.
  • As there are only 5 in our family, there is an extra space for me to write in flight details of people coming to visit us, or babysitter hours that I have booked in etc (general household items)
  • They come in a range of colours
  • It has a removable blank notebook at the back
  • It has an elastic bookmark for your current page (or to keep the diary closed, or holds loose notes).



unnamed (5) final


I love my Masterplan family diary.


I purchased mine online with Lime Tree Kids.    Click here to go directly to link.   Check out their site whilst you are there, I am a big fan.


For more “Things i Love” click here. 


Note: This is not a sponsored segment.  

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