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Trying to find the motivation and ideas for a ‘home work out’ can be tricky!! But if you can muster up the effort and grab a friend to join in they can be the best work outs with lots of laughs! So give some of these ago….

Download a Tabata timer
8 x 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest.
Exercise 1
Push ups (on knees)

Exercise 2
Squats while holding weights on shoulders

Exercise 3
Russian twists with one weight

Exercise 4
Reverse Fly with weights

Each exercise is one complete Tabata session (20 sec on 10 sec rest 8 times)

Try doing this 3 times through. Don’t forget to warm up and stretch after.

If you have a weight vest pop that out to get a real sweat on.  If your interested in owning a weight vest head on over to the Chaos Pop Up Shop for further info.





30 x lunges
30 x squats
30 x push ups
30 x dips
30 x sit up
30 x Russian twists

20 then 10!

Remember please warm up and stretch after.  Again add the weight vest if you have one.




15 seconds high knees
10 x squats
15 x lunges per side
60 second wall squat
15 x jump squats

Repeat 5 times with a 500 meter run in between each set.



FITNESS FACT: The brain benefits from exercise!

FOOD FACT: Try mixing your breakfast up! Eggs & mushrooms or spinach are a great way to start the day.



“Will it be easy?


Will it be worth it?



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