KAREN + MAKE UP = A Simple Christmas Reindeer


By Make Up and Hair artist, Karen Dyer
In the need of a VERY simple Christmas face idea for the kiddies & their Christmas parties this year?  No need to go out and buy face paints, no super steady hand needed and no need to find that hidden creative flare or art degree as this is super simple and achievable for everyone! No itchy skin for them under uncomfortable face paint and remove it in less than a minute with a makeup or baby wipe.


Before I start, let me give a shout out to my 9 year old for being my little model as her words exactly to me were “oh mum really, I have to let you paint a reindeer on my face, I’m not a baby……what if someone sees me”.


Step 1:  Raid your make-up bag and find the following bits:


  • brown eyeshadow
  • black eye pencil
  • white pencil if you happen to have one, or a tiny spec of white face paint
  • red lippy and a few make-up brushes



Step 2:  Create the shape with some brown eye shadow
Step 3:  Outline with black eye-liner – the head, a few sections of the antlers
Step 4:  Add a bit of white – to make the eyes and detail the antlers
Step 5:  Red lippy on the tip of the nose
Step 6:  Black pupil dots with eye-liner once the white has dried and a few strokes on the ears




Simple and easy………yes??


If you’re feeling a little more creative here is another one you can try with the same products.


 unnamed (2)


OR if you really don’t have time for anything and want something you can simply pop on the cheek in less than 30 secs with a damp cloth then jump onto www.temporarytattoosaustralia.com.au and order some to be posted out, there’s some super cute characters.


Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy your time with your family and friends, remember to stop and appreciate all the small things –  as really they are the big things in disguise and we often just take them for granted in our busy lives.


Laughs lots, love more and smile at a stranger as everyone deserves some cheer especially this time of year x


Ginger bread image credit:  www.elaborateeyes.com


unnamed (1)

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