SUGAR MONK: Our take on a Christmas Dessert Spread


by Renée Pinto –  Creative Director at SUGAR MONK


We wanted to create a do it yourself Christmas Dessert Table for the non baker, as we know there are plenty out there!
This is a great easy set up you can do at home for Christmas. It’s very easy and you can get the kids involved in the craft and baking during the school holidays, a great way to keep them occupied and loads of fun.
 unnamed (8)
Firstly we purchased these wooden reindeer’s on sale from RIOT Art supplies for $1.99 each, bargain!


Set up a table, give them to the kids and let them go wild.  If you are going with a particular colour scheme, like we did with pastels, only give them pastel paint. You can always do some touch ups on their little artworks when they go to bed if they weren’t channeling Monet.


The purple donut stands are also another project for the kids. They are wooden mug stands that we purchased from Target for $8 each. Get the kids on the painting duties of these also!! Donuts are also a great cheap addition to any dessert table and you know kids will eat them. To pretty them up, and also for a fun project for the kids, mix up some coloured icing and let them decorate their own donuts!




The Ice Cream cups on either end, Tanya found at Target for $15 for a set of four. The kids filled them with some fairy floss! These are a great set to have in the cupboard for any future kids party as well.


 The cake was two sponge cakes that we got from Coles and put on top of each other. We helped the kids to just roughly ice with packet icing mix. The lego lollies and also the pink and white striped marshmallows we got in tubes from KMART, handed them to the kids and let them go wild!


There are loads of great party supply places where you can get some great cake toppers and tassels from too if you aren’t that crafty. This one we got from the talented Little Confetti Love, but also visit or http://www.partysplendour for toppers, tassels, balloons and so much more.


These two Gum Ball Machines we got from TYPO for $15 each and sprayed them purple.


unnamed (5)
My Aunty gave me a super easy pudding recipe, but there are so many online you can grab. I found the trick to making a good pudding is to make minis.  Making a large one is hard to get it cooked just right, but these minis are so much easier and I think look better anyway.


To make these fit our colour scheme we put a dash of pink food colouring into our melted white chocolate, then drizzled over the pudding.


These biscuit stacks are another fun and easy project.  If you are no Masterchef – purchase a packet of Choc Chip Cookies from your local supermarket. Get some Philly Cheese, add some food colouring and white chocolate until you get a nice consistency and get the kids to fill two biscuits to make a Choc Chip Cookie sandwich. Or an even better idea if you are eating them straight away is to fill them with ice cream!


Anything you can’t bake you can buy. We made the brownies with the kids from a packet mix, but the little white chocolate rum balls we purchased from COLES. We got the kids to skewer them to make them look like Bon Bons and added black and white string to each end.


So many easy and fun options to bring to your Christmas spread this year. Make sure you get the kids involved as they will have a ball.


Good Luck & Merry Christmas to you all!


Renée & Tanya form SUGAR MONK


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