Behind the scenes @ The ARIAs


We were lucky enough to attend the Australia Music awards again this year.. and whilst it was lots of fun.. (from the getting glammed up, to walking the red carpet and having a boogie).. I have to say this year the ‘SHOW’ wasn’t as good as last year.  Incredible what a difference the calibre of artists performing and attending makes to the overall feel of the event.  There were some amazing acts… VANCE JOY… CONRAD SEWELL…  I think maybe we were just spoilt last year.


Below is an article I put together after last years awards, for those  of you who missed it.


I have taken a few photos (with my phone)  to give you an idea of what its like behind the scenes at an award show such as The ARIAs  (Australia Music Awards).

  • Approx 2,000 celebrities, their guests and paying public attended the event held at The Event Centre at The Star in Sydney.
  • Fans started queuing OVERNIGHT outside The Star 2 NIGHTS prior to the ARIA’s to ensure their spot at the red carpet, where Justice Crew performed live.  The Star have a team of caregivers to make sure fans are well cared for.


There are 2 ways to enter the red carpet…


red carpet 1



  • Walk from the point as shown in photo (missed part of the sign).  You can just see the walkway on the left.
  •  Or if you are very special, AKA  One Direction, Justice Crew, Katie Perry etc – there were 20 limousines shuttling guests to the red carpet.


The car you can just see below the phones, is 1D arriving.


red carpet 2



  • One Direction stayed “In house” (Ella was thrilled to learn that she had slept in the same bed as 1D.. wanting to confirm that the sheets were actually changed in-between).
  • Katie Perry and numerous Australian Golfers stayed “in house” also.  You can imagine the security.
  • There were 3 main stops for celebrities to have their photos taken on the Red Carpet.


On arrival… (One Direction)


one d final


At the “Twitter” point… (Katie Perry)


unnamed (8)


and the main Advertising wall  (What you normally see)


unnamed (11)



and what it actually looks like (Delta Goodrem)


delta final



  • The show is not a live event (such as the Logies)  which can be confusing to watch, when they have to do a ‘re-take.’ Sadly none of the live performances where repeated.

When you watch the show on TV, you normally see shots of the Celebs at chosen points such as the above. There are not many shots of what’s going on around them.   I like this shot because it’s a good indication of the madness (Katie Perry is the centre of attention).


unnamed (7)


The Event Centre is set up Theatre Style (with rowed seating, as opposed to dining style).  We had an amazing view from our box, it is a very intimate theatre, which adds to the enjoyment.


room set up 1


Check out the very cool light boxes… eski’s.  You are only ever 2 seats away from a drink!


unnamed (1)


Half way through, there is a 1 hour break for everyone to eat dinner out on the Sky Terrace (great big outdoor terrace/bar overlooking the Harbour).


unnamed (13)



The Red Carpet began at 2pm…. The After Parties at Cherry (Bar) and Marquee (Club) finally wrapped up between 2am and 4am.


and this is what you need after a night at The ARIAs.


unnamed (12)







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