Host a dinner party…. (99 things you should do before you turn 13)


This week we ticked off ‘HOST A DINNER PARTY’ from the list… and can I just say, what a lot of fun that was.

Comments from all 7 (11 year old) girls as they were leaving were ‘When can we do this again?”… “I don’t want to go home” .. These comments were especially appreciated, as all of the girls are still new friends to Ella, having only moved to Sydney in January – but what a lovely bunch of girls.. and some fantastic recipes (which I will share soon) too.



In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have had them pose with their ‘mocktail’ glasses for the photo



Each girl was responsible for cooking and serving a course.

The courses were designated as follows:

Mocktails x2 flavours


Main  (2 people did this together)

Dessert x2

Designer Hot Chocolates


It inspired me to get cracking and hold my own dinner party again soon.

See below for the original article and list of all 99 things you should do before you turn 13.



I came across this article on website KIDSPOT (which you should totally follow) and it is so good I just had to share it.

The writer Maxabella has listed a fantastically diverse range of things complete which is aimed at 6-12 year olds.  Thank you for sharing – I really love it.

We have printed out the checklist, and I have asked Ella (11) to choose 6 things she wants to complete by the end of the year, and then over the summer holidays (she has 8 weeks) I will ask her to complete another 6.  I might even blog about it.

Click here for the full article.

To show you the range of things listed, here are 3 examples:

Know how to start a campfire

There’s a real art to building a fire that catches easily and burns bright. It’s a good skill to have, even if you’re not planning on being a Survivor contestant any time soon. A campfire or fire-pit fire are a lovely way to bring people together.



Hold a newborn baby

A precious moment for any kid, whether they are related to the newborn or not (Ella has ticked this one off already).

Host a dinner party

Up the ante for birthdays and let your child host a sit-down dinner party for a few friends. Make it a posh affair and insist the kids dress up and mind their manners. Then ask them what it’s like being a grown-up. Is it more fun than they thought it might be?


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