Seeing green…



by Kristina Ambler


I have to say I am total fan of  seeing “green” and not in a bad way.  It just means I am a total  fan of  the outdoors.


After the birth of my first daughter 8 yrs ago  I intuitively made the decision to kick my gym membership  to the curb and I took my business to the great outdoors.  A decision I have never regretted.




Now each to their own with decisions like this however for a  sleep deprived mum with a history of an eating disorder I knew I did not need any triggers and  that the  fresh air and the healing benefits  of nature  would be of great benefit to me and my bub.

I know not everyone has a history like mine although I know for sure we are living in a fast paced world and anyone with a heartbeat can benefit from  the benefits of nature.

Don’t just take my word for it –  studies show growing evidence that access to the natural environment improves health and well-being, prevents disease and helps people recover from illness.




Why go green?  Research, also states that the closer someone lives to GREEN space or nature the healthier that person would be. (I once heard they painted walls of hospital green for this reason).  Now I am totally aware that not everyone has the luxury of exercising outside due to work commitments or even due to location, although you can even be proactive in bringing more plants into your space…  or if all else fails just LOOK UP!





I am happy to say I  have carried this on with my girls till now.  One of our all time favourite things to do as a family is to go to the beach or walk up our local track Crack Neck.


A bonus apart from no distractions and hanging just with my family is that outdoor play has long term benefits for physical, social, and emotional development and helps kids gain a sense of identity helping  with anxiety and depression.  SOLD!




If you need another up sell –  children who experience high levels of contact with nature have higher levels of self-worth and that it helps with concentration.  WINNING!




We have a little running joke with our daughters in our house that if their moods are getting a little irate that person needs to go outside take their shoes off  and take it out on the ground.


Apart from all the above facts –  it can diffuse a sometimes tense situation and bring on a really good laugh.


Maybe that last one could be used at your house for Christmas day!


With all jokes aside a quick bit of movement (exercise) and some fresh air can reduce cortisol which  is linked to stress and weight gain so it could be a really great tool to introduce just before heading to the families for Christmas Dinner.




Even if you don’t need the “breathe” for a stressful family lunch, one conscious “breathe” brings you back into the moment helping you take all the love in.


In that’s what it is all about.



Sharing the love!

Happy Christmas time




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