and we are baacccck…



I hope everyone has been enjoying their long summer holidays, and you have taken some time out to do things for yourself and enjoy the slower pace with your families.

As much as I love blogging, it has been so refreshing to leave the phone and social media behind and just enjoy hanging out with my family.

Whilst the holidays are not quite over… I have started to get into organisation mode, at least to the point of thinking about getting ready for school.. whilst still enjoying the last days of my mini sleep-in’s.

(Follow us on Facebook for My Organised Homes NEW YEAR ORGANISING CHALLENGE...starting tomorrow every couple of days Sharne will give you a new task to complete).

You may recall this time last year, I talked about cutting back on my New Years resolutions, and keep it achievable.   There were 2 things on my list:  Keeping my kitchen table clean, and making one photo book.

Well I am happy to say that the kitchen table remained clutter free 99% of the time, which is pretty amazing. The photo book didn’t even get a look in.

This year.. I am simplifying things even further…  It’s all about having fun and enjoying the company of the people we are with. Our house may be chaotic, but it feels amazing to share the chaos with so many wonderful people.

You may find there are fewer posts posted to the blog… but there will still be regular updates on Instagram and FB (are you following us?)




So regardless of whether you have resolutions or intentions – I hope you can make the time to find the fun and add a little adventure.    (My great friend decided that this year she is going to try new things and push herself out of her comfort zone a little.. so here she is jumping of the jetty – having an amazing time).

I have finally gone and gotten myself some reading glasses (turns out I’m pretty blind)… so at least I am starting off the New Year being able to see.  That’s an achievement in itself!  (Went for the studious librarian look ha ha).




Looking forward to a great year ahead with you all.






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