The Great 2105 Lunchbox Review


By Kylie of Kidgredients


I have been totally overwhelmed by the excitement surrounding this lunchbox review.  I have managed through the generosity of many lunchbox suppliers to secure 21 of the lunchboxes available on the market for back to school/ back to preschool for next year- 2016.  I’m calling it The Great 2015 Lunchbox Review.  If you are undecided about which lunchbox is best for you, read on!

Your first question might be…why is she doing this?  Well, Miss 5 is off to school next year and there is an overwhelming number of lunchboxes on the market.  They all claim to be the next best lunchbox, they all have different features and they all suit different people and different lunch packing styles.




I want to give you all the opportunity to see what they all do, and how and what they are best suited for, so I’ve collated all the info for you, to make your choice much easier.  In addition to that, each lunchbox has a full write up, with pictures and its pros and cons in a review that should answer any questions you may be left with.  I’m not calling this a definitive guide, if there is another lunchbox question you have, post it at the bottom of the page in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it.

Read the full review here:



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