By photographer Sally Goodall


I believe every pregnancy is an absolute miracle & everyone has their own unique story. This is mine.




As I reflect back to those early days it brings butterflies to my stomach and a huge smile upon my face.

I really was in a blissed out state of wonder & excitement. The anticipation was next level. I felt as though something “crazy magic” had happened. I still couldn’t quite comprehend that we had actually created this baby growing inside of me. So hard to fathom. But we did… and what an absolute miracle it was.

I remember early on when I was barely showing, feeling so incredibly proud of my bump. I wanted to shout from the chimney tops… “I’m having a baby”! I was the happiest ‘mumma’ to be.




I think back to our obstetrician appointments… My hubby and I would make special trips into the city to see visions of our baby girl. I can still hear that magical sound of her little heartbeat.  I swear each time was just as special as the next and it brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.

So I read the books, had a few symptoms (some worse than others), got the apps & rested when I could… all that jazz.

I watched dozens of births on-line, spoke to loads of my friends about their experiences & was even fortunate enough to witness and photograph a birth (one of the most incredible experiences I’ll never forget).

I felt as ready as I could ever be. I had done the prep work and I was aware of what to potentially expect. There was no fear, only excitement.

So, before I get on to my birth story, here’s a few tidbits that I experienced throughout my pregnancy along with a few things I found helpful.




Symptoms: I would tire more easily in the early days & had an awful metallic taste in my mouth. Felt slightly nauseous throughout the 1st trimester. Was off my fav foods including all greens, meat & coffee. Even water was hard to stomach. My sense of smell was ridiculous – super intense.  Had to pee constantly & unfortunately my memory wasn’t the greatest. I became increasingly forgetful. Then there was the numbness and tingling in one of my thighs. Oh and who knew that sleeping would be difficult prior to bubs arrival?


Cravings: Vegemite on toast, peanut butter on toast, 2 minute noodles, French onion soup, cheese, mainly salty basic food in the early days. Last trimester my one guilty pleasure was custard & choc self-saucing pudding. Yum.


Cliches that rang true: Rest while you can. Oh boy!


What to wear: Cotton On… I lived in it! Cheap and cheerful all the way! Great for breast-feeding too. Comfy loose clothing is the best.


Something I didn’t know about pregnancy: Who knew your ligaments grew in your feet during pregnancy? Once third trimester came around my shoes no longer fit? Back to normal since having bub  though… Phew!


What surprised me: The second trimester. My symptoms disappeared so I embraced it & made the most of exercising while I still had the energy and time for it.


What I found tough: Hello third trimester, hello heartburn. This was by far my worst symptom and was with me right up until I delivered Maisie. Then it disappeared like magic. Unfortunately I tried everything and nothing helped!


What I loved the most: feeling my baby girl moving about in my belly each and every day.


What I missed the most while pregnant: belly sleeping, running, bacon and eggs, soft cheeses, sushi and my morning ritual, coffee!


What I found funny: For the first time suddenly it seemed everyone was either pregnant or had a baby. Seriously.




So that’s it, in a nutshell. I loved my pregnancy, sure there were times where it was tough but look what you get at the end of it!


Looking forward to sharing my birth story next. Stay tuned. X



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