Body Image…



by Kristina Ambler


Now this topic is gianormous and one I could attack from so many levels.   (Attack it, literally)


So for this reason I will try keep it light and stick to the facts.


Definition of Body Image

Body Image is the imaginary perception that a person has of their physical self, but more importantly the thoughts and feelings the person experiences as a result of the perception.




So think about that.  If you have a poor body image  (or a poor imagination)  it will have a poor effect on your life.


If you have a good body image (or a good imagination)  odds are it will have a good effect on your life.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if it was that easy, get imaginative in a good way and fix your body issues.  It is a little more complex than that – although it is a great place to start.


Have a think about it now…….  What influences your body image?

Is it a reliable source?


Now this is just the tip of the iceberg on this subject although definitely some food for thought.



unnamed (2)



Are you letting your unrealistic body image run your life?


Guys trust me even in Kricketland I have days where my history of poor body image will try to creep back in.  I too was brought up in this crazy world  extremely effected by this unrealistic obsession and emphasis being put on our  physical selves, although now I know too much.   


So for myself on the days it tries to rear its ugly head.  I love myself a little more, own my shit a little harder and choose  to rise up and not shrink down.


(I have to do this as I have 2 sets of little girls eyes watching me every day, learning from my actions).




Let me leave you with a few tips to help you rise and SHINE and to help you not be a statistic to this epidemic.



Start small, thank your legs for getting you out of bed in the morning, your belly for digesting food or if you are blessed enough the miracle of creating a baby.

Your beautiful mouth for giving you the gift of a smile and maybe the gift of changing someone’s whole day.

This simple shift of perception is a day changer if you commit to it.



Avoid  perfectionism……  at all costs.  ( I will talk more about this in my next blog)  A great place to start is to steer clear from unrealistic media and t.v.  A  tip here for the die-hard fans is to appreciate the beauty that is created by the air brushing, or the beautiful supermodel who’s job it is to look and act that way.   Appreciate it, don’t try to attain it.


Lastly  STEP UP

It is up to us to be role models for the next generation.  We need give them permission to relax into all that they are NOW and know that they are enough.  Teach them to measure their worth on the way they treat others and the positive difference they make to themselves.  Help them learn that when they eat to pick healthy foods because they nourish them and when they move their bodies it helps them with mental clarity,  and keeps them strong and empowered.


Be the change.

Much love



Image credits:  Parkslopecouncil and Natural Wealth Journal




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