Body by Bex – It’s a New Year


For some this can be such a full on, overwhelming and even depressing time of year. Christmas & New Years parties are over, families & friends have gone home, time off has finished and school holidays are just about to come to an end…and for some like me the time has come for your baby to start BIG school!!!!! (I’m holding back the tears & excitement!)

And in all this mayhem we forget to continue to take care of ourselves. After all I’m the first person to believe in that if you take care of yourself first, your more able to look after others.

I’m still not sure on what the best advice is on this, but I’m going to give you an idea of how I’m doing it.




No.1 rule

No matter what…. Make time for exercise. Even if I have to take my kids with me to my local park, I get up, pack snacks & games and head out. Train hard for an hour then take the kids for ice creams. It’s the best way for me to start my day and I know I’m a better parent for it.

No.2 rule

I fuel my body with at least one well balanced nutritional meal a day, including a fresh juice and some sort of protein shake.

No.3 rule

I try to do something for someone else, it can be as simple as a favour for a friend, a compliment to a stranger, a smile, a kind gesture or a thoughtful text or phone call.

No.4 rule

Count my blessings! Daily I’m grateful for the life, family & friends I have.

No.5 rule

Have something to look forward too…. A holiday, weekend away, lunch date or event. Whatever it is I believe it’s healthy and so exciting having something to look forward too.

No.6  rule

And finally…. Take 5-10 minutes a day for myself to have quiet time, sit in the sun and have a big breath.

So Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016 and I can’t wait to share my journey of this year with you all. ❤️


FITNESS FACT: Eggs contain the highest quality protein you can buy

FOOD FACT: Skipping breakfast is more likely to cause weight gain then weight loss


“Everything in your life

is a reflection of a choice

you have made,

If you want a different result,

make a different choice.”


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