SUGAR MONK: Creating a hanging piece for your party and home


by Renée Pinto –  Creative Director at SUGAR MONK


I are currently creating pieces for a BOHO Inspired Baby Shower. Usually I would create Dream Catchers, however the mum to be makes Dream Catchers, so as well as creating a painting for the backdrop I decided to do some Yarn Hangings for something different. These are so easy to create. I am showing you how to make a basic one, but you can add so much more to them like beads, a wooden hanging name or even attach a dream catcher.

To start with you will need a piece of dow. Get it at whatever length you want to make your piece. You will need PVA glue and a selection of yarn or 6 to 8 ply wool.


unnamed (1)


Place your dow on two stools to prop it up. Cut all your yarn/wool to the length you want. I did them all the same, approximately two arm lengths.


Place some PVA glue across the dow, and start sticking your yarn to it. Do it in small sections, as the glue drys super quick.
Once you have stuck all your yarn down, cut the bottom to what ever shape you choose.




Seriously as simple as that! Tie some yarn from one end to the other, so you can hang it to your wall & you have an instant wall hanging to brighten up your room or use it to create a boho inspired backdrop for your next dessert table!



 unnamed (2)





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