Is Sydney better than Melbourne? A decision has been made



When we moved from Melbourne to Sydney this time last year, we gave ourselves 2 years to decide where we would spend our final days… but it has only taken us a year to realise what we need to do.

We loved every minute of living in Melbourne, but we have chosen Sydney.

I really wish we could live in 2 cities.

I really really thought we would go back to Melbourne.. but it is just in the too hard basket.  It is too unfair on the kids to keep moving.  It’s to unfair on me to keep moving.  Moving is over-rated and hard work.  I would like to look back on my life and think I did more than just be a ‘professional mover’.

It is time to put down roots.  It is time for everyone to feel like they belong somewhere FOR GOOD (or as long as they want too).. it is time to have time to LIVE LIFE and spend time with our children.. rather than having to prioritise moving, looking for houses, settling into school, making new friends.




So Sydney is going to be our home, for good.  It’s the right thing to do.  But you know what – I do love living in Sydney.  The traffic sucks, but everything else makes up for it.   Everyday I walk down by the beach I feel lucky to live in such a fantastic place.  It entices us to get outside more.   The warm balmy nights make me feel like I’m on holiday all year around (if I just take a minute to sit outside and enjoy them).

So sadly, we have just put our Melbourne house on the market.  It will be auctioned at the end of February. This has not been without heartache or tears.  We thought our kids would grow old in that house…


But I am excited, to get properly settled in Sydney and really move forward with life… with no more moves on the horizon (OK that’s a lie, we need to buy a house and move into it).. let me rephrase, with no more major moves on the horizon, it is time to start living life.  Can’t wait!


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