Organise it – The start of the school year


By Organising guru – Sharne Kuper


I shared some of these tips on my Facebook page earlier in the week and below I have added a few more. I hope they may help you ease into the start of the school year.



  • School bag hook – making a place to put their bags as soon as they come in the door is great. Saves me tripping over them in the hallway!
  • Homework box – I am not fond of homework for kids in primary school and neither is my son. To make it easier we set up a homework box. In this box we have everything he may need to use to complete his homework from glue sticks, textas, rulers and scissors. They cannot be taken out of the box as they are for homework exclusively.
  • School uniform – if you are a working family and even if you are not I find it priceless to have a complete set of uniforms for the whole week. This means I do not have to wash and iron during the week at all should I find I am too busy or forgetful.
  • Lunch preparation – I am not one for making sandwiches the night before but I do what I can to take the pressure off in the morning. Like filling the water bottles and putting the fruit and yoghurt in the bag and in the fridge ready to go.




  • Lunch orders – My son is always excited to get a lunch order once a week. I always time this day around a day I need to get off to work early or on the day I am due to do a grocery shop and we are running low on things.
  • Bed time – a week or so before school started we eased the kids back to their 7.30 bedtime slot. During the holidays we are relaxed about bedtime. Now school is back we really need to get them there at a reasonable time so that they can wake at 7am without too many problems.
  • After school activities and meal planning – for those days when you may have activities that see you coming home late plan simple dinners. Either use a frozen meal you may have prepared earlier and defrost that morning or cook up your simple go to meal i.e spaghetti, fried rice etc.
  • Kids weekly chart – create a chart for each child for their room which shows what activities are on what day. This can also help remind you! It tells my son what he needs to wear that day i.e. sports uniform/Tuesdays and what he needs to take i.e. library bag/Wednesdays.



  • After school routine – this helps the kids ease in to the afternoon and prepare them for doing some homework. When we come in the door it is wind down time for about 10 minutes. The kids get their uniforms off, change, wash hands put their bag on the hook etc. Then afternoon tea, homework and play. I try to put the TV off till 5.30 which gives them about half an hour before dinner.
  • Screen time – the controversial subject! There are way too many arguments in our house between the kids about the Ipad. There is now no Ipad during the week. We let the kids use it on the weekend and now time their sessions so that when the buzzer goes its time to hand it over. Yes we still deal with fights about it but at least it is limited to the weekend!




Image credit:  Bag hook & Homework caddy via pinterest.  Family planner Kiki k.   Feature image:


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