KAREN + MAKE UP = Skin as soft as a babies bum ……………YES PLEASE!!


By Make Up and Hair artist, Karen Dyer


Skin as soft as a babies bum ……………YES PLEASE!!


Well what if I told you that you probably have all you need right in your fridge to achieve it?


The best mask you’ll ever do for yourself, it’s crazy cheap, all natural and so easy to do.


All you need is 1 tablespoon of Natural Greek yoghurt and a quarter of a Lemon at the most. Squeeze the lemon into an air tight container, add the yoghurt and mix it up. Keep a batch in the fridge for easy access.




For the best results cleanse your face first to get rid of any makeup and elements from your daily grind then paint it on liberally. Leave it on for approximately 10 minutes and wash off with a warm washer. Moisturise as normal.


The theory behind it all (and trust me it works as I have just as many testimonials from brides thanking me for “my magic mask” as I do them saying they loved their makeup), is that the lemon will gently dissolve any dead skin cells which then allow your moisturiser to actually do it’s job properly and hydrate. Not to mention desolate away those little invisible to the eye bits that create pore blockages.


The acidophilus in the yoghurt will clear up any bacteria in your pores (blemishes) that are looming or have developed.


It’s as simple as that…and being natural you can do it every night if you wish, just maybe lessen the lemon content so it’s not to over overwhelming for your face.






Images credits:babies bottom www.sg.theasianparent.com,  lemon & yoghurt header www.rosaandlea.com , face www.wikitricks.org


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