Valentines Day… The day of LOVE, really?



by Kristina Ambler


Valentines day! The day of love, REALLY? I am as big a fan of cupid as the next person. That little legendary cheeky cherub of love. Did you know in classic mythology cupid is the son of the goddess of love, Venus?

He is known as the god of affection and attraction.

Good news is the energy of cupid lives on, and you can tap into this on any given day if that is your intention.




I love good old Valentines day for this reason. The feeling of love is very much in the air!




I even hung on to this feeling when their was a 30 min wait for coffee’s at our local cafés. Trust me I was truly happy that their business was booming and so many people where feeling loved up. I dropped that in so you know I am not a total Grinch to the big V day. What does bring out my inner grinch, is the multi-billion dollar businesses that have too much money to know what to do with cashing in from this day. Also while I am sitting comfortable up on my band wagon, I am totally not a fan of any day marked in the calendar having the power to make anyone who does not fit into the, “Valentines Day category” feel less than or not enough.

I believe every person on every corner of this universe is worthy and deserves love and affection, KNOW matter what day it is.





I’m pretty sure this kind of love is right under our little noses daily, if we are open to feeling it. Like in the little gestures we do for our loved ones and the ones we receive in return. My wish is that we can incorporate this energy into our every day lives…and the best place to start here is with OURSELVES.

One of my favourites is to spontaneously buy yourself or someone else a beautiful bunch of flowers or get creative and pick your own. I am sure you all have your own unique way of expressing your love.




Sometimes its just bringing awareness to them and celebrating them a bit more. I would love to hear the everyday ways you show your love to yourself or loved ones.


Much much love Kricket



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