Things i Love – Freezeable Lid Bento snackboxes




I am sooooo in love with these little snack boxes.

If you live in Australia, there is a good chance that your child does some version of fruit snack, munch and crunch or crunch and sip at some point during their school day.

This is a time where they continue to work, but have a quick munch of fruit to keep them going until snack or lunch time.

In our schools, the children always need to take their fruit snack out of their bags in the morning, and either put into a ‘classroom tub’ or into their chairbags or similar.

The problem with this, is that Australia is hot and sticky and the fruit does not stay crisp and cold – and often arrives back home uneaten.





I found these amazing little snack boxes with a FREEZEABLE LID.

It’s as easy as filling with the product of your choice in the morning, grabbing the lid out of the freezer and popping it on and sending it off to school.

Now the individual snack will stay chilled.




There are 2 sizes to choose from.. the smaller one is great for a portion of grapes or berries, the larger if you need to slice some apple or orange (or just have a bigger kid, with a bigger appetite). The larger one also comes with a removable divider.

It is also great for yoghurt…  I buy a large tub and give my daughter a smaller portion to take to school.  The freezeable lid keeps it chilled until required (it means she can have a larger portion of yoghurt than what fits into a usuable pouch, and it is also much easier to clean).

These freezeable lid snack boxes are #PUREGENIUS in my eyes and are available from

They are obviously not as cheap as your supermarket snack boxes… but what you save in spoilt food (and knowing that your child is actually eating enough at school) quickly makes up for it.


**This is not a sponsored segment – I came across these items and opinions all by myself (I’m clever like that) 🙂




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