ALL THINGS FOOD: Fun Chocky Road Easter Egg


By Karen Ciano of QUINCY LANE.


This is something easy and fun to make with no fancy equipment or expensive products, just good old supermarket chocolate and lollies and a chocolate mould from Spotlight! Enjoy!





I’ve chosen dark chocolate melts (approx 350gm per egg), marshmallows, raspberries jellies and  m&m’s but you could add your own favourites. The sprinkles are just for decoration and you could match any colour scheme.




Melt your chocolate in a double boiler, a pot with a little water in the bottom with a glass bowl on the top.

It’s very important to never get water or the steam into your chocolate, as it will seize and turn to a grainy texture, which means its ruined!  Just melt until the chocolate is smooth and runny. Add some of the sprinkles to your mould and spoon in some of the melted chocolate. You can spread it around the mould with a spoon to form an even cover.




Place your lollies and marshmallows into the first layer of chocolate. Spoon on another layer of chocolate and add more lollies & marshmallows. Add the final layer of chocolate making sure everything is covered.

Knock the mould on the bench a couple of times to remove any air bubbles.




Scrape across the top, or bottom, of the mould to level the chocolate with a spatula or knife. Add some sprinkles to the bottom & refrigerate for an hour or more. Once set the egg will drop out of the mould neatly.










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